Poweshiek County Sheriff and Grinnell Police and Fire Reports April 13, 2011

by dhayes on April 12, 2011

The following information was provided by the Poweshiek County Sheriff’s Office:


April 4
Allison E. Schultz, Possession, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Being Held.

April 5
Scott Linus Carter, MITTIMUS, Serving Time.

April 5
Martin Cervantes, Warrant. Being Held.

April 8
Dakota McFatridge, Criminal Mischief, 4th. Being Held. Ricky Dale Norris, OWI, Being Held.

Calls for service
Grinnell Fire Log:

Wednesday, March 30
2:15 p.m. – 20th St., Grinnell. Department response for grass fire. 9:02 p.m. – 320th St., Grinnell. Department response. Grass fire. Controlled burn. All OK. 9:15 p.m. – Spencer St., EMS response. Assisted Midwest Ambulance.

Thursday, March 31
1:40 a.m. – West St., Grinnell. Department response. Anhydrous odor. Small lead, valve shut off by workers. 11:40 a.m. – E. 136th St., N., Grinnell. Department response. Grass fire. Debris burning caused grass and brush fire. Approximately 38 acres burned. 4:22 p.m. – 430th St., Grinnell. Department response. Grass fire. Controlled burn got out of control. Burned approximately seven acres. 7:45 p.m. – E. 156th St., Grinnell. Department Response. Controlled burn ignited power line pole. 11:15 p.m. – Prince St., Grinnell. Department response. Assisted Midwest Ambulance and Grinnell Police Department with forced entry for medical purposes.

Friday, April 1
12:05 a.m. – Justice Ave., Grinnell. Department response. Brush pile ignited grass fire. 7:30 a.m. – Highway 146. Department response. Motor vehicle accident. Cancelled by Poweshiek County Sheriff’s Office. 6:19 p.m. – 20th St., Grinnell. Department response. Controlled burn got out of control. Approximately two acres burned.

Saturday, April 2
11:41 a.m. – N. 87th Ave., E., Grinnell. Department response. Grass fire. Cutting torch ignited grass and corn stubble. Burned approximately five acres. One building threatened. 12 p.m. – 20th St., Grinnell. Department response. Assisted with prescribed burn of eight acres. 1:55 p.m. – Jewell St., Jasper County. Department response. Grass fire. Controlled burn that got out of control. Burned approximately one acre. 2:26 p.m. – Bliss St., Grinnell. Department response. Illegal burn. Construction material being burned. Owner warned and fire extinguished. 3:05 p.m. – Reed St., Grinnell. Department response. Illegal burn. Yard waste. Owner warned and extinguished fire. 4:48 p.m. – 40th St., Grinnell. Department response. Grass fire. Controlled burn got out of control. Burned approximately one acre. One building received minor damage. 5:15 p.m. – South of Grinnell. Department response. Checked on several controlled burns to make sure they were OK. 5:23 p.m. – Highway 146. Department response. Grass fire. Burning ditch. Smoke completely obscured highway. Fire extinguished. 5:32 p.m. – 370th Ave, Grinnell. Department response. Grass fire. Controlled burn out of control. Burned approximately one acre. 8:15 p.m. – T-38 N., Grinnell. Department response. Debris burning caused a one acre grass fire.

Sunday, April 3
10:20 a.m. – Penrose St., Grinnell. EMS response. Treated patient until arrival of Midwest Ambulance. 5:05 p.m. – Reed St., Grinnell. Department response. Illegal burn. Yard waste. Owner warned and fire extinguished. 7:03 p.m. – West St., Grinnell. EMS response. Assisted Midwest Ambulance. 7:04 p.m. – Gilman. Grass fire. Assisted Gilman Fire Department with grass fire along railroad tracks.

Monday, April 4
7:52 a.m. – 1st Ave., Grinnell. EMS response. Assisted Midwest Ambulance. 11:53 a.m. – St. Francis Dr., Grinnell. EMS response. Assisted Midwest Ambulance.

Tuesday, April 5
9:40 a.m. – 4th and Penrose, Grinnell. Department response. Assist water department with flush of valve. 10:06 a.m. – Zimmerman Dr., Grinnell. Department response. Checked on controlled burn. 12:52 p.m. – 440th Ave., Grinnell. Department response. Grass fire. Debris burning caused grass and brush fire. Burned approximately one acre, One building threatened. 2:20 p.m. – T-38 (Jasper County). Department response. Grass fire. Debris burning caused grass fire. Approximately 60 acres burned. Mutual aid from Malcom, Kellogg and Gilman fire departments. 7:17 p.m. – Main St., Grinnell. Department response. Electrical Fire. Small electrical fire in outlet and cord. 9:10 p.m. – N. 75th Ave., E., Grinnell. Department response. Grass fire. Controlled burn. No problems.

Calls for service
Grinnell Police Department/Poweshiek County Sheriff’s Office:

Monday, April 4
6:15 a.m. – Pilot Truck Stop, 4126 Highway 21, Brooklyn. Older lady confused. Trying to get from Indiana to Burlington. Evidently missed her turn. Advised her on how to get to Burlington. 7:39 a.m. – Ambulance requested for subject with chest pain. 8:16 p.m. – O’Reillys, 633 West St., Grinnell. Reports they have had two trucks egged the past two weekends. 8:20 a.m. – Spring St., Grinnell. Individual who was sitting in car was a person taking a nap. 9:54 a.m. – 180 MM, I-80., Malcom. Report that the road sign for the construction site near Malcom is pointing the wrong lane change and there is also another sign that is not correct. 11:38 a.m. – Seeland Park, Ambulance requested for female who had fallen and can’t get up. 11:49 a.m. – Caller reported that his debit card had been used in Illinois. 11:58 a.m. – Mayflower Nursing, Grinnell. Ambulance requested. 1:32 p.m. – Brookside South, Grinnell. Individual called informing police they were assaulted in morning. Would like to talk with officer. 1:50 p.m. – 101 S. Main, Sigourney. Poweshiek County tact team called to Keokuk County for standby. 4:19 p.m. – Montezuma, Caller reported that someone broke into their house. 5:15 p.m. – Grinnell police arrested an individual for driving while suspended. 5:19 p.m. – 2133 6th Ave., Grinnell. Caller stated someone suspicious had come into the business. 5:36 p.m. – 519 Broad St., Grinnell. Report of a couple kids backing car in and out of a driveway. 6:03 p.m. – Grinnell College. Report of a stolen bicycle. 6:12 p.m. – Alliant Energy, 728 Main St., Grinnell. Report of a 3-foot hole cut in fence. Nothing reported missing. 7:41 p.m. – Grinnell police arrested Christopher Meyer Mason, Kellogg, for two counts of operating while intoxicated. First Offense. Cited and released. 7:55 p.m. – Wal-Mart, caller requesting information on legal limit for window tint on cars. 8:24 p.m. – 6196 Korns Dr., Brooklyn. Caller reports his John Deere ATV was stolen from yard. Not sure when it happened.

Tuesday, April 5
12:07 a.m. – Grinnell Country Club, 940 13th Ave., Grinnell. Open door to area where golf carts are kept. 2:14 a.m. – Grinnell High School. Report that gates were open near track. Not open earlier. 2:51 a.m. – Ambulance requested for 45-year-old male who drank and took prescription meds. Male is being combative. 9:15 p.m. – 323 S. Reed St., 2, Pierre, S.D. Caller wanted to talk with an officer in regards to being assaulted in the vehicle traveling down Interstate 80. Incident occurred last Friday. Female was assaulted by male driver. 10:15 a.m. – EPC Zimmer St., Grinnell. Grinnell Fire Department checking out possible illegal burn. 11 a.m. – 1200 Reed St., 1, Grinnell. Caller wanted to talk with an officer in regards a possible phone scam.
12:49 p.m. – 192 440, Grinnell. Grinnell Fire Department responded to an out-of-control grass fire. 2:15 p.m. – 4341 235th Ave., Gurnsey. Grass fire reported in Victor fire district. 2:19 p.m. – T-38, Grinnell. Grinnell Fire Department responded to a pasture fire. 2:56 p.m. – Bailey Park School, Grinnell. Report of a dog getting loose in school. 3:18 p.m. – Grinnell Middle School. Report of children smoking in parking lot. 3:23 p.m. – T-38, Grinnell. Pasture fire reported. 4:49 p.m. – 4224 175th St., Brooklyn. Caller reported a Kirby vacuum salesman went to her mothers house twice in one day to try and sell her a vacuum. Caller stated they are very pushy and concerned for other older people who might be pressured. No report at this time. 6:27 p.m. – Pine Cone Restaurant. Poweshiek County sheriff’s deputies arrested Michael Ionannis Gotsis. 7:17 p.m. – 1221 Main, Grinnell. Grinnell Fire Department responded to an electrical fire. 7:30 p.m. – 470th Deep River. Controlled burn reported. 7:37 p.m. – 199 EB, Interstate 80. Grass fire reported north of I-80. Area of controlled burn. 8:28 p.m. – 1111 4th Ave., Grinnell. Individual wanted for driving while barred believed to be living in Grinnell. 9:06 p.m. – Grass fire reported just inside of Jasper County. 10:11 p.m. – Marshall County. Martin Vildas Cervantes arrested.

Thursday, April 7
8:13 a.m. – 20th St and 1st Ave., Grinnell. Stop sign reported down. 9:09 a.m. – 1st Ave., Grinnell. Controlled burn reported by cemetery. 10:40 a.m. – 804 Summer St., Grinnell. Report of a side door on vacant house was open. Spoke with neighbor and they had already secured the door. 11:09 a.m. – Reference a 4-wheeler located in Tama County. 12:06 p.m. – 100 1/2 S. 2nd St., Montezuma. Reference bill from hospital regarding ex husband. Called hospital and it was a misunderstanding. 12:31 p.m. – 504 Middle St., Brooklyn. Ambulance requested for 64-year-old female with a possible stroke. Not breathing. Unresponsive. 1:09 p.m. – Grinnell police arrested Robert Calvin McFall III, Tama, for DWS. 1:16 p.m. – 1018 Mill St., Brooklyn. Report of a vehicle driving approximately 70 mph in city limits. Speeding vehicle involved with ambulance call at nursing home reported earlier. 1:21 p.m. – Report of a tractor on fire. 2:26 p.m. – Friendship Manor, 79 6th Ave., Grinnell. Ambulance requested for employee having breathing problems. 3:15 p.m. – 15426 Highway 6, E. Grinnell. Ambulance requested. two-month-old baby not breathing. 3:24 p.m. – Report of an accident involving a Malcom city pickup and Coop pickup by the city shop. 4:11 p.m. – 1317 Prince St., Grinnell. Lost white female cat with some calico markings. Spade and has a micro-chip. Responds to “Sophie.” 4:15 p.m. – 1 Circle V Road., Montezuma. Controlled burn.Rained out at 5:19 p.m. 4:21 p.m. – West St., Redemption, Grinnell. Caller says someone is trying to sell him a bike and wants to know if the individual is really the owner. 6 p.m. – 5167 E. 136th St., N. Grinnell. Reference a theft from a steel company in Jasper County in early April. May be trying to sell stolen items in area, including backhoe bucket, tractor snow blade, misc. car parts/motors and scrap metal. 6:19 p.m. – 5033 40th St., Searsboro. Sheriff’s deputies arrested Ben Thompson. 8:22 p.m. – Ambulance requested for elderly lady with heart condition. 8:27 p.m. – Two vehicle accident reported. No injuries. 10:11 p.m. – 131 Lakeview Dr., Montezuma. Deputy arrested Dakota McFatridge, Montezuma, for criminal mischief. Charges pending on an assault. 11:53 p.m. – Caller reports strong gas smell in house. She and her daughter have left the house.

Friday, April 8
14:08 a.m. – Grinnell College. Suspicious vehicle reported south of Highway 6 on Park St. on west side where there is no parking. Caller is with college security and doing building checks. Concerned about why vehicle was there. Called back before officer arrived to say individual came out of a student house and left. 6:51 a.m. – Report of a vehicle driving through yard and getting stuck in garden. 8:07 a.m. – BGM Elementary School, Brooklyn. False alarm. Student dialed 9-1-1 accidently. 9 a.m. – Jackson St., Brooklyn. Caller reported that people are not stopping at flashing light on Jackson St., for school kids. Caller says she takes her children to school in the morning and almost got hit because kids and farmers are not stopping at flashing lights. Requesting extra patrol in morning and after school hours to sit at the light. 9:53 a.m. – 417 Washington Ave., No. 302, Grinnell. Report of a Wii System stolen from house. 11:47 a.m. – St. Francis Manor, Grinnell. Ambulance requested for person with shortness of breath. 12:24 p.m. – Edland Storage. Report of some items being stolen from storage shed. Items include stuffed animals, tool box and saw horses. 2:06 p.m. – 410 Washington, Grinnell. Caller said his vehicle was hit on Main St. 5:30 p.m. – Grinnell. Caller said that an officer told him his house could be condemned. Would like to know specifics. Stated he was legally blind and couldn’t take number of public offices. Called back and informed that the Grinnell Police Department does not condemn buildings. 7:22 p.m. – Grinnell Public Safety Building. Person reported at front door wanting to speak with an officer in regards to a woman harassing them. 9:36 p.m. – Wiltfang Apartments. Grinnell police arrested Ricky Dale Norris. 9:40 p.m. – Anytime Fitness. Minor accident reported. 10:01 p.m. – Pilot Truck Stop. Minor accident reported. 11:32 p.m. – Voodoo Lounge. Grinnell police were called for an individual causing a disturbance.

Saturday, April 9
8:17 a.m. – 1918 10th Ave., Grinnell. Caller seeks assistance moving daughter of out boyfriends home. 10:25 a.m. – 1422 Broad St., Grinnell. Car parked in alley. Grinnell police placed a 24 hour parking notice to it. 12:28 p.m. – Wal-Mart. Caller advised someone was possibly shooting a gun outside Wal-Mart. 1:32 p.m. – Arbor Lake Trailer, Grinnell. Caller advised a female was walking around he complex shouting profanities.3:12 p.m. – 703 E. Des Moines, St., Brooklyn. Ambulance requested for 16-month-old having problems breathing. 3:33 p.m. – Depot Crossing. Caller advised a reckless driver in parking lo of Depot Crossing. 3:55 p.m. – 6034 N. Lake Shore Dr., Brooklyn. Caller advised neighbor was burning and possibly getting out of control. Person who started the burning advised that fire was very much in control. 3:57 p.m. – 515 11th Ave., Grinnell. Caller reporting a chain saw was stolen out of truck. 4:09 p.m. – 309 Highway 85, Deep River. Caller advised the is seven months pregnant and that a male swung at her. 4:11 p.m. –1751 Haverfort Ave., Alconquin, Ill. Caller stated that someone took their son’s Ipod last week when they were in Brooklyn and now won’t give it back. 5:11 p.m. – Malcom Volunteer Fire Department. Barn fire reported on U.S. Highway 63. Fire departments from Brooklyn, Grinnell and Montezuma assisted. 5:41 p.m. – 893 North St., Ewart. Caller advised renter is throwing trash out on yard. 7:48 p.m. – Brooklyn High School, 1090 Jackson St., Brooklyn. Sirens reported going off and wondered if there was a storm warning. 8:24 p.m. – 4800 146 Searsboro. Vehicle reported driving without headlights. Almost hit by reporter. 9:27 p.m. – 107 High St., Montezuma. Ambulance requested for male having chest pains. 9:39 p.m. – Grinnell Regional Medical Center. Caller advised that Toledo was transporting an intoxicated male to GRMC who had been somewhat uncooperative. Asking for officers to check on parties to make sure everything was OK. Also advised that patient disliked police and had a history of violence towards them. 9:52 p.m. – 165 Horseshoe Dr., Montezuma. Ambulance requested for 55-year-old male with stomach pains, cold sweats and having a hard time breathing. 11:13 p.m. – Caller thought she needed an ambulance, but her mother came home and will take care of her. 11:31 p.m. – Grinnell Estates. Report of a vehicle racing in and out of parking area.

Sunday, April 10
12:14 a.m. – 2nd Ave., Grinnell. Caller heard neighbors threatening each other. 12:31 a.m. – Casey’s East. Report of a suspicious person going in and out of shop. 1:31 a.m. – 1000 High St., Grinnell. Grinnell police arrested John Lucas Johnson, cited and released for possession under legal age. 2:23 a.m. – Grinnell police stopped Jerrad Barge for OWI. 7:48 a.m. – Ambulance requested for female with hip, knee and leg pain. 9:27 a.m. – Kwik Star, Main St., Brooklyn. Report of a gas drive off. 10:55 p.m. – 603 Main St., Deep River. Young girl thinks there might be an intruder in the house. Mother called a second time to report daughter was home sick and is upstairs and didn’t know who was in the house. Mother stated all was OK. Person in house was her father. 11:28 a.m. – 172 455th St., Grinnell. Caller just caught someone in his out buildings. Reported that he is missing a planter and sickle mower. 12:09 p.m. – 893 North St., Ewart. Caller advising trash is blowing all over from trash dump of previous day. 12:13 p.m. – Wallet located. Owner will pick it up at the Grinnell Police Department. 1:15 p.m. – U.S. Highway 146. Driver reports they were t-boned by a semi early in the morning. Said he did have information from semi. 1:53 p.m. – Ambulance requested for 48-year-old male having possible seizures. 2:54 p.m. – 302 S. Front St., Montezuma. Disturbance reported between two women. 7:54 p.m. – Caller stated her boyfriend was abusing her children. No weapons. No charges filed. 9:28 p.m. – 317 Broadway, Brooklyn. Caller reports sister’s husband was intoxicated and disorderly. No physical abuse. 9:53 p.m. – Daughter of caller locked keys in her vehicle at Carnforth Inn. Advised caller she was out of county but caller insisted she wasn’t and asked for officers. 10:02 p.m. – Lacayse Transport. Report of a stolen trailer. 11:03 p.m. – Kwik Star, 4177 Highway 21, Brooklyn. Semi blocking entrance while pulling into Kwik Star.

Monday, April 11
2:15 a.m. – Four Winds Motel. State asking for assistance just west of Grinnell on U.S. Highway 6. Semi driver refusing to pay Lonestar for services provided. 3:43 p.m. – Kum and G., 1002 West St., Grinnell. Caller states a male in 20 has been beat up. Caller not involved. Individual was transferred to Midwest Ambulance and transported male to emergency room.

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