Iowa County Supervisor resigns

by Brathjen on January 28, 2014


Kim Tanke, vice chairperson of the Iowa County Board of Supervisors, has resigned.

In a short letter of resignation to the Iowa County auditor, dated Monday, Jan. 20, Tanke cited “personal matters” as the reason for her resignation from the board.

Tanke was appointed Iowa County treasurer on July 16, 1999, to fill an unexpired term and elected to the office in 2000. She was elected supervisor in 2010 and was beginning the final year of her term when she resigned. She was previously employed in the Iowa County Auditor’s office until her appointment as treasurer.

Other county supervisors had little to say about the abrupt resignation of the vice chair last Monday.  Ray Garringer, Dale Walter and Kevin Heitshusen all echoed the letter of resignation, saying Tanke resigned to attend to personal matters.

Iowa County auditor Kristen Miller said the options of replacing Tanke on the board are still under discussion with help of the county attorney’s office.

A memo obtained by NEWSpapers of Iowa County from Lou McMeen, assistant Iowa County attorney, to the Iowa County auditor and the Iowa County supervisors detailed that a vacancy on the board of supervisors can be filled by one of two procedures.

The vacancy can be filled by appointment by a committee consisting of the county treasurer, auditor and recorder for the period until the next pending election. Tanke’s term was up for election this fall. This appointment must be made within 40 days of the vacancy. The vacancy can also be filled by special election.

“It would seem that the three county officers forming the committee should meet and decide which course they wish to follow,” McMeen wrote in the memo.

No official comment on when the committee will meet has been made.

Tanke Resignation Letter

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