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Take a ride on a winter wonderland adventure with a Southern boy

January 13, 2015 On The Road Again

I hate winter! I’ve never liked winter and I grew up in the south – where winter wasn’t too bad, most of the time. On occasion, I’ve witnessed the temperatures dropping below zero, and I’ve seen a foot of snow more than once in my lifetime. And there have been many times where it was […]

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Sour Grapes – Jan. 14 and 21, 2014

January 12, 2015 Sour Grapes

Satire Events last week in France reminded us that satire is dangerous. It is also important. It’s American. It’s as American as “Yankee Doodle.” History research shows that “doodle” was not a complimentary term. British troops sang it to make fun of the way the Yankees dressed and acted. Macaroni? It was the great cheese-soaked […]

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Sour Grapes, Jan. 7, 2015

January 8, 2015 Sour Grapes

Holiday cheer I get the feeling that having skirted through December with little snow on the ground, we will be scooping it up in April. The lack of snow helped make for a pleasant holiday season for this family. With four basketball hoops conveniently located in the park across from my house, the family was […]

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2015 is the year of the mouse, at least in my house

January 6, 2015 Agriculture News

2015 is now the year of the mouse. Or, even better I hope, the year of the deceased mouse. While the Chinese zodiac says it’s actually the Year of the Goat, mice will be the ultimate creatures of choice in my house — at least getting rid of them. The folks who came up with […]

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New Year lampshades, dishwashers and Christmas memories

January 6, 2015 On The Road Again

Debbie and I welcomed in the New Year in Des Moines. We had accumulated some points on our hotel rewards card that were expiring on Dec. 31. We were at a use it or lose it point and decided to head west on New Year’s Eve. While there, we decided to go shopping. A trip […]

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Sour Grapes, Dec. 31, 2014

December 30, 2014 Sour Grapes

Resolutions Is there still time for resolutions? I’d better make my list for 2015. – I need to learn more diminished chords, to matched my diminished playing ability on guitar. We also hope to figure out all of those buttons and plugs on the mixer. – I also need to know Windows a bit more, […]

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I can retire early with your help! Really!

December 30, 2014 Agriculture News

I’ve been wondering how I can retire with a nice little nest egg – you know, a couple million bucks to keep my family and me afloat. It hasn’t been easy the past year with healthcare kind of going out the roof, taxes always going up and then having to pay bills and things. So, […]

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Highlights from a wonderful 2014 and much, much more

December 30, 2014 On The Road Again

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! For those of us in the news business, when the New Year rolls around, it’s common practice to review the past with a “Year in Review” section. Keeping with that tradition, I decided to take a look back at 2014 and focus on a few highlights that took […]

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Guest editorial: New technology brings new challenges to BGM Dollars for Scholars

December 23, 2014 Agriculture News

By Becky Gwin-Lint CSF of BGM Dollars for Schools Board Member   CSF of BGM Dollars for Scholars is continually faced with new challenges due to rapidly changing technology and an evolving board made up of volunteers. Technical advances intended to enhance a process, often come with unintended complications and as board members change, so […]

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An historical Christmas and may there be peace on earth

December 23, 2014 Agriculture News

Each Christmas season I like to post a story of some kind dealing with Christmas. I posted one of the story of Christmas in the trenches during World War I – a story I got quite a few comments about. This one will be no different. As many of you know, I am a fanatic […]

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